Monday, 3 October 2011

Minecraft - Lord of the Rings

I've been playing Minecraft for quite a while now - messing about with fire, carts, boats, ore, glass and getting killed by a variety of creatures of the night.

While I could tweak the settings to make everything lovely and tranquil, I'm always up for a challenge and I like the feeling of blind panic when darkness falls and I'm miles from home.

But while my creative spark is limited to smaller structures, I take inspiration from others and I always love seeing what players are up to. Well this is without doubt the most ambitious project I've come across and I'm eager to get involved.

A group of dedicated Minecrafters are recreating Middle Earth - quite a task, I'm sure you'll agree. I've been trying to join their ranks for a while now but their website won't let me in.

Still, at least they have this jaw-dropping video which is quite incredible. So grab a brew, get a plate of biscuits and watch Middle Earth unfold in all its blocky glory. Oh, and if you think The Shire is impressive, just wait until you see Rivendell and the Mines of Moria!

PS: If anyone can help me get involved, please let me know.