Friday, 13 March 2009

Demon's Souls - adventure update

Well after being killed four times by the dreaded Tower Knight (above) over the last few days, I eventually managed to take him down late last night.

In a similar manner to Capcom's Monster Hunter, Demon's Souls' hulking bosses initially seem impossible to take down. However, with careful blocking, dodging and timely attacks, you will eventually succeed.

It's a great feeling taking these foes down and more than makes up for any feelings of frustration that might start to creep in.

I've had several emails asking what character class I play. Well, I rolled a Wanderer - called Shiren, of course! His high starting agility and luck means he's very nimble and gets some pretty good loot drops. I have been dual wielding most of the time, but I switch in a shield for some of the enemies, such as the Mini Phalanxes.

I'm now exploring Stonefang, where my Falchion does little damage to the area's trolls, even though I have upgraded it several times. Instead, a piercing weapon is definitely the way to go.

If you like dungeon crawlers or challenging games with Roguelike elements, Demon's Souls is definitely worth picking up.

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