Tuesday, 13 October 2009

PlayStation Home - PS3

Sony's social networking hub, Home has had its fair share of criticism. Some virtual clothing and items cost real cash, while the European experience lacks much of the content North America and Japan currently enjoys.

On the plus side, more companies seem to be getting on board, and the interactive EA Sports space is a great place to hang out, while the Buzz! space is attracting gamers thanks to its multiplayer quiz questions and colourful setting.

The latest patch brought with it a camera to take snaps, so I thought I'd take a few and share them. Oh yeah, the guy dancing is my avatar!


TormentX said...

I just bought a PS3 slim a few weeks ago and home checked out Home. I guess I need to look at it a bit closer because at first glance it didnt seem like there was much going on in there.....

Dangalak of Twilight Brethren said...

Are you alive??? I need my Kilted moose gaming fix!