Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pixeljunk Shooter - PS3

The fourth game in the excellent PixelJunk series is not only an elegant and engaging shooter, it's one of the best games to appear on the PS3's online store.

Armed with a gun, missiles and a grapple shot, the player whizzes through a series of subterranean caverns, rescuing trapped scientists and prising gems from rock faces. It's beautifully simple, but the genius of Shooter's level design becomes apparent after delving down through several layers.

Environmental hazards hinder your progress, blocking your path to the human survivors and your means of escape. Fortunately, impassable magma flows can be cooled by unleashing torrents of water, while chunks of ice can be melted by guiding magma on to slippery surfaces.

Carefully blasting chunks from rock faces allows the player to instantly change the cavern's layout and access new areas, but those with an itchy trigger finger should be warned that firing without thinking can spell disaster for the trapped scientists.

As progress is made, levels become fraught with hidden dangers and new hazards to overcome. Every new cavern is packed with wonderful ideas, keeping the game from ever becoming stale, while finding secret caves, hidden gems and locating special survivors adds to the overall package.

The wonderful electronic soundtrack fuses perfectly with Shooter's bold slabs of colour to create a delicious and strangely laid back experience.

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