Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mizzurna Falls - PS1

During my 40+ hours in the company of Deadly Premonition's Agent York and the deliciously eccentric residents of Greenvale, I kept thinking of obscure Japanese PS1 title Mizzurna Falls.

I have never played the game, but I do remember seeing the title in my friend's game store back in the day. Unfortunately, I never picked it up - something I now deeply regret.

The full title is Country of the Wood and Repose Mizzurna Falls and its setting and subject matter will be familiar territory for those who loved David Lynch's masterpiece Twin Peaks.

Set in a small rural American town in Colorado, a girl has been found covered in blood - seemingly attacked by a bear. On the same day she is discovered, another girl is reported missing.

Taking control of the missing girl's friend, the player sets out to investigate the disappearance and help solve the case.

After playing through Deadly Premonition, it's clear that creator SWERY was inspired by Mizzurna Falls in a big way - cars can run out of fuel, there is a bar which bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy of Terror, while the off-kilter music appears to permeate the whole game.

I think it looks fantastic and I'm desperate to play it. Unfortunately I've tried looking everywhere online to buy a second-hand copy without any luck. Anybody out there know where I could pick up a copy, or perhaps you have this 13 year old Japanese game gathering dust in your attic? If so please let me know.

Here's a clip of the game in action. Looks a little rough, but it still looks great.


Anonymous said...

Never seen or even heard of it until now. Really miss these odd and quirky PS1 titles, wish we had more like it for the modern consoles.

Game-ah said...