Thursday, 1 September 2011

Legend of Grimrock - Windows, Mac, iOS

I love a good old-fashioned first-person dungeon crawl. I spent my formative years ploughing through games such as Eye of the Beholder 2, Stonekeep and Ishar, while the King's Field series - despite its stodgy controls - is one of my all-time favourites.

With a pad of graph paper by my side, I would tramp around gloomy interiors looking for lost treasure while fighting denizens of the dark. I quaffed strange-coloured potions, was rude to innkeepers, kept merchants happy by buying rusty loot and generally had a good old lark about.

So when I saw what Almost Human Ltd were up to, my jaw hit the floor and I've not stopped drooling at the prospect of losing dozens of hours to a modern take on my favourite genre since I clapped eyes on Legend of Grimrock.

Almost Human are a Finnish indie studio comprised of four veteran developers, who have previously worked on titles such as Alan Wake and Shattered Horizon. Their goal with Legend of Grimrock is to get back to basics and deliver an experience that "brings back the charm of simple dungeon crawl games".

I'll raise a foaming mug of ale to that!

The team are hoping to release Legend of Grimrock before the turn of the year but they are making no promises. However, even at this stage in development, the game is looking polished and quite fabulous.

If you want to try out some older dungeon crawlers, I recommend at visit to the Good Old Games website, which is choc full of cracking titles. I've just bought Might & Magic 7: For Blood and Honor which I'll write about in due course. However, if you're after some free fun, then Undercroft on iPhone is brilliant.

For more info on Legend of Grimrock, check out the official blog.

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