Friday, 21 November 2008

Aquanaut's Holiday: Update - PS3

Well after around 20 hours, I finally completed the main storyline in Aquanaut's Holiday on PS3. I'm glad to report that even after the credits roll, you can continue playing. Just as well, because I've only unlocked 14/50 trophies so far and my Aqua Library still has gaps in it.

It remains one of the most relaxing games I have ever played and some of the sights are unforgettable. Dozens of Manta Rays sweeping over a sunken Inca temple, huge whales rising from the deep, massive clouds of silvery sardines moving as one, piles of dinosaur bones lying in dark forgotten corners, secret passageways, shipwrecks resting on the sea bed and a huge mountain of treasure are just some of the things you'll see when you're exploring the ocean. You'll even encounter an extra terrestrial visitor.

There have been some moments of confusion due to the substantial amount of Japanese text, although when in doubt, I always headed for my home base to speak with my two colleagues. Even if that doesn't move the story on, kicking back and exploring this massive ocean at your leisure usually triggers an event.

As far as I can tell, there are 35 Sonobuoys to discover, each one unlocking a new area of ocean. The fact you are free to travel from one side of the ocean to the other with just a small amount of on the fly loading is quite an achievement.

I'm now on the last side-mission and after that there is still plenty to do. I've found all the singing fish, but only completed one of their song patterns to the full. That leaves 19 still to go. However, even when this is done and my library is complete, I'll still go back to Aquanaut's Holiday just to enjoy the sights and sounds. The addition of a camera is fantastic and I'll continue to take new pics as I explore the depths.

All we need now is a full English version to appear. Rumours are circulating that the Asian version is in English, but we'll have to wait and see. With word that National Geographic are releasing Afrika/Hakuna Matata in the US, maybe there's hope Aquanaut's Holiday will also enjoy a Western release. Let's hope so.

All the pictures in this thread were taken by myself. Enjoy.


Everblue said...

I confirm that the Asian version of this game is FULL English with English/Chinese manual. I will post some information on this on my blog @ soon :)

Petalic said...

So... between Aquanaut's Holiday and Hakuna Matata, which is more enjoyable?
btw... nice blog, i really enjoy reading it =)

Kilted Moose said...

Everblue: Thanks for the heads up, mate. Nice to know that it has been translated. Hopefully a western release is on its way.

Petalic: Thanks for your kind words about the blog :) I would say Aquanaut's Holiday is the more enjoyable title. It's much more laid back and is perfect to kick back with and chill out.