Friday, 23 January 2009

Audiosurf - PC

Audiosurf is a puzzle game, but the real beauty is that it's different every time you play it, as all the action is generated by your own music.

Dotted across a three-lane track are blocks of colour. By positioning your constantly moving craft in the correct lane, you collect these blocks. Matching three or more of the same colour eliminates them and adds to your points total.

It's similar to the old classic Klax. Unlike Klax though, the blocks are all tied in with the beat of your own music.

Catering for a host of digital music formats, just about any music stored on your PC is available to play through. So you can kick back and chill-out with a bit of ambient electronica, or you could go all out with some rip-roaring heavy metal tracks. It's entirely up to you.

It's an ingenious way of incorporating your music collection in a game and it works incredibly well.

Another worthy inclusion is the presence of online scoreboards, which takes the name of the artist, song, your total score and posts it for all the world to see. As a result, every music track in the world has its own scoreboard. If your are knocked off the top of a song's scoreboard, an email is sent to you letting you know who has overtaken you.

The visuals are crisp, clean and smooth, and you can customise the look by adding a variety of effects. However, similar to games such as Guitar Hero, you won't have much time to admire the distinctive visuals, as you'll be too busy concentrating on collecting blocks of colour and getting maximum points.

The game is available through Valve's Steam network and also available to buy in stores. If you don't have a Steam account, it is very easy to set up and Audiosurf is also nice and cheap.

If you enjoy rhythm action games such as Guitar Hero, PaRappa or Gitaroo Man, you will love this.

Visit for more information and to try the free demo.

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