Thursday, 23 July 2009

Katamari Forever - PS3 - Demo

The demo of Katamari Forever - or Katamari Tribute in Japan - went live this morning on the Japanese PSN store.

The demo features two levels, with the now robotic King of All Cosmos issuing you with more absurd demands.

The first thing you'll notice are the new look visuals. Both levels feature sketchy pastel-shaded graphics which have a similar look to Sega's Valkyria Chronicles. Word is the final retail version will feature various filter effects.

In case you are a Katamari rookie, the aim of the game is very simple. With the help of the Prince, you must guide a large sticky ball - the Katamari - around the levels collecting everyday objects as you go. The more stuff you roll up, the bigger your Katamari becomes.

The first level of the demo tasks you with filling the Katamari with water and turning a nearby desert into a blooming oasis, complete with palm trees, tulips, lions and zebras.

The second is more traditional Katamari Damacy territory. Set in a kitchen - in a level I'm sure I've played before - the Prince rolls up objects such as deep fried prawns, orange segments, sushi rolls, sugar cubes and milk cartons.

Katamari Damacy is known for its brilliant off-the-wall soundtrack, and judging from this demo, Katamari fans will be in for an audio treat when the games hits store shelves in the UK this September.

From jazz influenced beats and Latin grooves to bright and breezy electronica, Katamari Forever sounds wonderful.

I'm sure the demo will make its way to the Euro PSN store in the coming weeks, and I really can't wait for another Katamari fix.

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