Sunday, 9 August 2009

Okaeri! Chibi Robo! Happy Rich Osouji - DS

While we patiently wait for the Wiimake of Gamecube classic Chibi-Robo to land, Nintendo have released Okaeri! Chibi Robo! Happy Rich Osouji (Welcome Home Chibi-Robo) on DS in Japan.

I'm waiting for my copy to drop through the door, but it definitely looks more like the original game, and less like Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol - which never made it to the UK.

Jenny, the frog-loving girl from the first game returns as a grown up, with a son - Keith - and a dog called Lucky. However, times are tough, and it's up to Chibi to clean the house and help Jenny redecorate.

Chibi can now sift dirt and rubbish to find small nuggets of gold, which can then be used to buy new furniture and wallpaper for the house via a TV shopping channel.

While Chibi can pick up rubbish and use a toothbrush to clean as before, he now has access to a vacuum.

It also looks like the game features another range of off-the-wall characters - although it has its work cut out if it hopes to match the original's brilliant cast.

Judging from the video, it looks as if there's a Poker game buried in the game, a plane for Chibi to fly and a Cooking Mama-style mini game.

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