Monday, 21 June 2010

Flight Simulator X - Alaska trips

I've been a fan of Microsoft's Flight Simulator series for a few years, but it wasn't until I got my new PC a few weeks ago that I experienced the delights of Flight Simulator X.

For me, the joy isn't in flying passenger jets across the Atlantic at 45,000ft. Instead, I love flying smaller planes at around 5000ft across Alaska and British Columbia.

Unfortunately, FSX's default scenery isn't very detailed, but there are hundreds of add-ons to enhance the game's visuals.

I plumped for Ultimate Alaska, a fantastic paid for add-on by Scenery Solutions which adds a tremendous amount of detail, including accurately modeled cities, real roads, 400 glaciers and a load of other neat touches.

This adds enormously to the enjoyment for the game, and makes exploring America's largest state a pleasure.

I plan on buying the company's Ultimate Europe add-on next month for some flights closer to home.

Incidentally, the pictures here are my own and were taken with Ultimate Alaska enabled.

For more info on the product, visit: Ultimate Alaska

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