Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ilomilo - 360

Swedish-based developer Southend are currently beavering away on their forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Ilomilo.

It’s a beautiful looking game, and with the promise of a few old school gameplay twists, Ilomilo could well be one of this year's more memorable downloadable titles.

The aim is to reunite two characters - Ilo and Milo - by interacting with the blocks which make up their delicious, plushy 3D world. By manipulating their environment and switching back and forth between the two, the player can solve the puzzles and reconcile the two chums.

Lots of devious head-scratchers are planned, while a two-player mode looks to be on the cards.

Older gamers might see shades of ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 classic Head Over Heels present here, and it's hard to think Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond's masterpiece hasn't been a major influence.

The fabric-style visuals are utterly charming, while the soundtrack - judging from the game's trailers - is impossibly cute. There’s been no confirmed release date, but hopes are high that it arrives this side of Christmas.

Need further convincing? Then check out this gorgeous trailer:

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Jesse Patterson said...

Looks incredible man. Thanks for the heads up. Reminds me how good the last couple of years have been in terms of indie games coming out for the pc. I barely even play big company games anymore! the concept of games as art (suck that ebert) has never been more abundantly clear.