Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Boy And His Blob - Wii

A remake of David Crane's 1989 NES original, A Boy And His Blob on Wii came out at the end of last year. Many people may have missed it, but it is a lovely title and a game definitely worth playing.

The story is wafer-thin, but the game's beautiful hand-drawn visuals blend perfectly with puzzle and platform action to create something truly special.

The boy under your command can't do a great deal - his jumps are small and he can't attack enemy creatures. However, by feeding his mysterious blob jellybeans, the little white bundle can transform into 15 useful objects such as a ladder, trampoline, and parachute.

With dozens of levels, optional challenge stages, and a sprinkling of collectables, A Boy And His Blob will last you upwards of 10 hours.

A gorgeous game that sadly didn't get the attention it deserved when it was released last November.

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