Friday, 15 July 2011

Async Corp - iOS

Being forced to work on a never-ending production line and sending packages into the ether isn’t exactly the most exciting premise for a game.

But Async Corp's world of corporate drivel, fused with a wry sense of humour and solid gameplay makes for a brilliant little package.

Like the best of puzzlers, Async Corp keeps things simple. Starting with two 6x4 grids filled with coloured blocks, your job is to arrange neatly squared-off data packages of 2x2 or greater by moving blocks of the same colour from one grid to the other.

Once the package has been put together - complete with smiley, feelgood face - the player taps on the slab of colour and sends it on its merry way.

Various modes add neat twists to the formula, but they never veer too far from the original idea – meaning the player never gets their fingers in a fankle due to over-complicated rule sets.

Visuals are clean and simple, while the delightful retro soundtrack helps keep everything moving along nicely.

For just 69p on the App Store, Powerhead Games have created a lovely little slice of puzzle fun which carries a surprising amount of charm under its blocky exterior. Well worth a punt.

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