Monday, 17 September 2012

NiGHTS into Dreams HD - Return to Nightopia is only a few weeks away

I have very fond memories of the Sega Saturn and in particular, long evenings spent playing NiGHTS into Dreams with that wonderful, circular controller. The combination of bright visuals, smooth gameplay and an amazing soundtrack blew me away and I spent hours memorising levels, stringing chains together and perfecting swooping runs through Nightopia.

So when it was announced NiGHTS was to receive the HD treatment for 360 and PS3, I was overjoyed. Today it was announced the game will be coming to Europe on both platforms in the first week of October, so only a few weeks to wait. But even better news was close behind, with the announcement that players will also be given access to Christmas NiGHTS, which was originally given away as a demo disc via special promotions back in the mid-Nineties.

While this festive version of NiGHTS only features two levels, it used the Saturn's internal clock to change aspects of the game. As the 360 and PS3 are always online, I really can't wait to experience these time-sensitive unlocks in glorious HD.

And with Jet Set Radio HD only a few days away, there's plenty for Dreamcast fans to get excited about over the next few weeks.

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