Sunday, 6 July 2008

Aquanaut's Holiday - PS3

Sony have just announced that the game previously known as Aqua, has been renamed the Aquanaut's Holiday. The title originally appeared on the PS1 in 1995, and was one of the first games I owned for Sony's system.

It was an underwater exploration game, where players discovered ruins and interacted with sealife by singing to them using the controller's shoulder buttons. It was possible to build a coral reef and as it grew, new species would be attracted to your creation. The game made a refreshing change from the usual driving games and beat 'em ups.

Until this announcement, the only other underwater exploration game available was the fantastic Endless Ocean on Wii. And although details are still sketchy, this looks to be quite similar. Endless Ocean looked gorgeous on Wii, but Aquanaut's holiday looks incredible. A mixture of high definition graphics and soothing music, this could be another unmissable, chilled-out experience on PS3.

Aquanaut's Holiday is due for release in Japan on September 25, and it already looks like a must-buy.

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