Friday, 11 July 2008

Knytt Stories - PC

The very talented Nicklas Nygren (aka Nifflas) has created some truly memorable games in his time, but the pinnacle of his achievements (so far) is the wonderful - and completely free - Knytt Stories. Knytt Stories, like all of Nifflas' games, is spellbinding and it's obvious within minutes of playing that a lot of love has been poured into this beautiful title.

The game takes the form of a simple platformer, but calling it merely that would be doing the game a huge disservice. While it is true that your character performs standard platform moves and learns new abilities by collecting orbs scattered throughout the levels, the game is there to be savoured, not rushed through. You see, the real beauty of Knytt Stories is in the remarkable and beautiful atmosphere it evokes.

From soothing acoustic strings and the gentle sound of falling water to chilled-out electronic soundscapes, each new area drips with ethereal ambience, which fits in perfectly with the game's simple, but aesthetically pleasing, graphical style. It's an absolute joy to play through and hours will be spent exploring new areas.

With games such as Everyday Shooter garnering praise across the gaming community - and it is an excellent game - Knytt Stories seems to have been left behind for some inexplicable reason. The game is crying out for someone like Sony to pick it up and distribute it via thePlayStation store.

Come on Sony, make it happen!

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