Sunday, 5 October 2008

Endless Ocean 2 - Wii

As I sit patiently waiting for my copy of Aquanaut's Holiday on PS3 to drop through my letterbox, Nintendo cheered me up by announcing that Endless Ocean 2 is on its way to Wii. Not many images are available, but I've managed to get hold of a few.

The original game remains one of my favourites on Nintendo's system. Its blend of relaxing gameplay and beautiful visuals make it a title I still like to dip into every now and then. It was priced at just £20 on release and if you haven't picked it up by now, you really should take the plunge.

The original had you exploring coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves, looking for items and interacting with sealife. You could feed the creatures you met, take pictures and even dive with other players via Wi-Fi.

Regular reader will be well aware of my love for underwater games. Along with Endless Ocean, Aquanaut's Holiday 1 & 2 on PS1 still get played regularly, and Aquanaut's Holiday 3 on PS3 should arrive from Japan before the end of the week, so I'm really looking forward to this sequel. Even if it's just more of the same, I'll be very, very happy.

No word of a release date yet, but let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

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OMG, this is ECCO, the Dolphin!!! I didn't see this game from the childhood. Remember how I pplayed this game on SEGA. It was cool