Sunday, 12 October 2008

Forza goes Loco Roco

My games collection continues to grow with every passing month, but I'm ashamed to say I still have loads of games kicking about which lie half finished. So, I've decided to get stuck into them again, taking them one at a time until I clear the backlog.

So, while rummaging through my collection on Saturday afternoon, I found my copy of Forza 2 on 360. I haven't played it since last summer, so I put it on to take another look.

When Forza 2 came out, I spent more time designing cars than actually driving them. So I was delighted to rediscover my Loco Roco car today. Inspired by the excellent PSP game, the car design took me a little over nine hours. I thought I'd post it so you could take a look. Click the images to see them in full detail.


Adrian said...

Christ, that's dedication. 'Tis nice though.

Anonymous said...

You have w-a-y too much time on your hands! Good work though, and it's good to find a blogger who writes with so much love for their subject and so much authority, instead of some of the mindless, rambling drivel you find on Blogger. Keep it up dude!

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