Friday, 29 January 2010

Endless Ocean 2 - Wii

Endless Ocean 2 comes out on February 5 for the Wii, but I've had my review copy for the last few days. Really enjoying it so far, and it's perfect to play following a night of Mass Effect 2 action.

The first game was beautiful, but the sequel is just stunning. I've only put around four hours in, but already there is a great deal of variety and exciting places to discover. The annoying limited exploration space from the first game has thankfully been ditched. You can now explore large chunks of the ocean at your leisure.

I've been messing about with the in-game camera tonight, so I thought I would post a few snaps of my aquatic adventure. Still getting used to the focus effects, but I'm impressed with the results so far. As you can see, it's now possible to go ashore at certain points, something that was missing from the original.

If anyone tells you the Wii can't do good graphics, point them in the direction of Endless Ocean 2.


blogelous said...

Looks great! Apart from the lower resolution, the graphics look better than Aquanaut's Holiday for PS3.

So disappointed I bought that game :(

Tempestora said...

That first Whale shot is excellent Moosey, thought it was a Publicity screenshot at first!