Friday, 20 July 2012

Fishing Resort - Wii

While Japan and the US have been enjoying Fishing Resort/Family Fishing on Wii since last year, there is still no sign of a European release on the horizon. It's a real shame, as Yuji Naka's open-world take on fishing looks rather good.

Not only can you walk, cycle and sail through the game's appealing environments trying your hand at fishing for 200 species in a variety of locations, you can also take on quests, stroll through your own aquarium, modify your character, buy new equipment, explore the resort at your leisure and take on 20 additional mini-games.

With the Wii region locked and data loaders now redundant due to Nintendo's firmware updates, it looks as if this is one catch which will unfortunately slip through the fingers of European gamers.

There's no mention of Fishing Resort on Namco Bandai's release schedule for the remained of this year, while it was XSEED Games who released the game in the US.

What a shame.

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apricotsushi said...

I'm really interested in this, too – I've heard it's quite good. The Wii SD card homebrew options really don't work anymore?