Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Monster Hunter Beginner's Guide

Since cutting my teeth on the first Monster Hunter on PS2, I've been a huge fan of the series and have watched it evolve from a decent idea hampered by unwieldy controls into the sleek and impressive beast it is today. However, despite my best efforts, I've found it incredibly difficult to persuade people to take the plunge.

Those who have tried it have either immediately fallen in love with the game or stopped playing within the first hour as they thought it was too complicated. But fear not, because help is at hand from the duo behind the fabulous and informative My Fair Hunter website.

Roy Blakely and Sarah O’Donnell have lovingly crafted the Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter - a beautifully presented guide full of gorgeous illustrations and packed with practical information on the series. Topics such as upgrading armour, skills, weapon attributes, questing basics, the role of companions, combining items and recognising monster behaviour are interspersed with tips from the Monster Hunter community to give a general overview of what awaits first-time hunters.

Even though the guide - which is available in either print or digital versions - is aimed squarely at novice hunters, I still think there's enough here for existing Monster Hunter fans to enjoy and besides, it is a rather lovely product.

To get your copy - and to have a free sneak peek at four pages from the guide - head on over to Roy and Sarah's Culty website, where you'll also find a collection of Sarah's Felyne artwork, which can also be purchased.

Happy hunting.

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