Thursday, 2 April 2009

Gomibako (Trash Box) - PS3

I bought Gomibako a few weeks ago, but it's taken me a while to actually start playing it properly.

Screenshots might suggest a Tetris-like element to this excellent little puzzle game, but when you boil the core gameplay down, it's actually nothing like it.

Everyday objects such as microwaves, pencils, teapots, baseball bats and brooms fall from the top of the screen into a rubbish bin. Pressing 'X' rotates the item, while a press of the triangle button causes the object to be thrown down into the bin. The aim of the game is to smash every object into tiny bits of debris so the bin doesn't overflow.

Lightbulbs and pencils shatter instantly if they hit something a bit more substantial such as a metal lighter or mug. However, to smash bigger objects, such as a post box or scooter, you need to use something with a bit of weight behind it multiple times.

While smashing everything in sight is fun, the real fireworks start if a burning object such as a lit cigarette is introduced to the bin. This will set any flammable objects ablaze, and by shaking the Sixaxis, you can dislodge loose debris, causing other objects such as futons and wooden bookcases to catch fire.

To really get the party started, a couple of gas canisters and a naked flame causes a massive explosion. These seismic tremors clear the whole bin of rubbish leaving you with more space to store items.

As you progress through the levels, water and oil are introduced. Dropping a fizzing bath bomb into water causes nearby objects to rot and melt away, while oil and fire make a destructive wave.

Objects are introduced to the play area via a conveyor belt system of the right hand side. By pressing L1, you can store an item, which is displayed on the left side of the screen. This is very useful if the bin is nearly full and a huge object is about to enter the play area.

And talking of huge objects, you'll notice that as you make your way through the game's five levels the objects you have to clear become bigger.

Starting out with coins, pens, footballs, staplers and the like, by the fifth level, you find yourself dealing with hulking mountains, skyscrapers and oil refineries.

Another nice touch comes in the shape of objects called Mottainai. Every so often, one of these objects - a diamond ring, statue, piece of cake etc - enters the play area. These must not be destroyed. Instead, the player has to gently place them in the bin so they can be collected by a weird penguin-like creature who patrols the bottom of the screen. It can be incredibly difficult to keep these objects safe as items rain down from above, but doing so rewards the player at the end of the level.

Gomibako also features its fair share of unusual bosses. A pink piggy bank and HD TV are just two of the end of level obstacles which must be smashed within a tight time limit.

Gomibako isn't a long game, however, there are a few modes to mess around with and it features full trophy support, with 13 cups to be discovered.

The game is currently only available via the PSN store in Hong Kong and Japan. However, the Asian version is in English, so hopefully a Western release for Gomibako won't be far away.

Here's the game's official trailer:

Images courtesy of Sony


ICandee said...

This looks like something I will definitely get went it hits the US!

Snakemaru said...

I got this from the PSN welcome back package and I will play it till I get all the trophies. :)