Thursday, 16 April 2009

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure - DS

The box art and title might suggest that Henry Hatsworth is just another run of the mill kids' adventure on DS. However, spend five minutes in its company, and you'll discover that it is one of the most interesting, absorbing and downright addictive games currently on the market.

Star of the show is the titular Mr Hatsworth, an dapper monocle-wearing English gent, who, aside from enjoying regular cups of Earl Grey, is on a quest to find a legendary golden suit.

The team at EA have blended a solid 2D platform romp with a match three of a kind puzzle element, which is similar to DS title Puzzle League.

Henry's adventure is played out on the top screen, while the puzzle section appears on the bottom. Any enemy Henry banishes with a quick swish of his sword drops down into the bottom screen, becoming a coloured block in the process.

To permanently get rid of the enemy, the player must match three blocks of the same colour. As the blocks are constantly moving upwards, Henry must dispatch the enemy before it reaches the top, otherwise it will reappear.

While this mixture of play styles sounds complicated, it's actually incredibly easy to switch between the two modes. When matching coloured blocks, Henry's platforming fun pauses, so you're not frantically going between both screens.

Power ups also appear on the bottom screen, such as extra lives and health bonuses. However, the real fun comes when Henry transforms into his robot alter ego by building up his supermeter.

Accompanied by a picture of Henry enjoying a cuppa with some of his old Etonian chums, he instantly becomes all powerful, sweeping away all before him. It's not only fun, but incredibly useful in some of the levels, which can become overcrowded with enemies.

Henry Hatsworth's unique mixture of play styles is a breath of fresh air, and although it packs quite a challenge, you won't rest until you finally manage to complete it. Absolutely brilliant.

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ICandee said...

I've been having a lot of fun with this game too! Gotta have my quirky fix!