Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I-Fluid - PC

Independent French developer Exkee have produced a cracking little physics-based game which brings to mind arcade classic Marble Madness fused with console racer Micro Machines.

The premise is extremely simple - guide a globule of water across kitchen tables and messy desks, making sure you avoid all manner of obstacles in the process.

I-Fluid is probably the only game where a sheet of paper or a rack of cooling cupcakes can kill you. Paper absorbs your tiny droplet, while the heat from the fresh-out-the-oven cakes will cause you to evaporate.

Thankfully, though, these everyday assault courses are littered with objects such as pens, pencils, rulers, and cereal boxes, which help you traverse the levels. Fruit also plays a part, as touching the surface of an apple or orange rehydrates your globule.

It's a wonderful idea and it's a real joy exploring each of the 15 beautiful locations and a thrill to see what lies around the corner.

There are also various modes to delve into, including an entertaining Time Attack mode, which can become very competitive if there are a few of you playing.

Control is straightforward, with the WASD keys used to move, while the mouse adjusts the camera. Music can start to grate after a while, but for the price, it's something I can live with.

The retail version costs £9.99, while Steam users can download it for just £5.99. For that price, PC gamers would be mad to miss it.

Images courtesy of Exkee

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