Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dark Souls confirmed for Europe

Namco Bandai have announced they will be releasing their highly-anticipated new game Dark Souls across Europe later this year on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The spiritual successor to PlayStation 3 exclusive Demon's Souls, Dark Souls boasts a raft of improvements over FROM Software's last game and should be another unmissable RPG from the Japanese company.

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki showed off the game in San Francisco earlier this week, which highlighted typically dark and atmospheric locations. This is what we know so far:

* Exploration will be encouraged, with a seamless, open world to explore. If you can see a tower or castle in the distance, it will be possible to eventually reach it.

* FROM Software are aiming to make the game just as rewarding as Demon's Souls, but this time they plan to ramp up the difficulty.

* Gameplay will be similar to Demon's Souls, learning from mistakes will make the player better.

* Dark Souls does not share the same game world as Demon's Souls.

* The level design will be more complex than Demon's Souls, with more vertical design used throughout.

* Online play will be similar to that in Demon's Souls, with players able to penetrate other people's game worlds.

* Character creation will not be class based, while more spells and items will be available with more focus on weapon customisation.

No release date has been set, but Dark Souls looks like it will be released late this year. In the meantime, check out these amazing screens:

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