Friday, 12 August 2011

Aban Hawkins & The 1000 Spikes - 360 (XBLIG)

With his wide-brimmed hat and penchant for plundering ancient Aztec ruins, Aban Hawkins' perilous quest has clearly been inspired by Indiana Jones - and what a quest it is, full of tricks, traps, crumbling ledges, pixel perfect leaps - and lots of spikes.

I've been playing it since February and still haven't managed to complete it, meaning it's one of the toughest games I've ever played. This is underscored by the 1000 lives the player is given at the start of the game. But the fact it's so tough just means that completing each treacherous level is incredibly rewarding.

The trial and error gameplay won't be to everyone's taste, while the crushing difficulty will put many off. But those willing to take the plunge into the treacherous depths will be well rewarded with a glorious old school platformer - and for just 80 Microsoft points, you should definitely take a punt on it.

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