Friday, 19 August 2011

Hide - PC

I'm not a particular fan of survival horrors but I do occasionally like dabbling in the genre. While the Resident Evil series leaves me cold due to its focus on gunplay and stodgy play mechanics, Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent ticked all the right boxes thanks to its gothic setting, lack of combat and terrifying twists.

Hide might not match the visual splendor or have the same dramatic set pieces as Amnesia, but it still proves to be a tense and scary affair.

Starting out in a snowy forest in the dead of night - with sirens mournfully wailing in the background - you have to stumble through the icy wilderness searching for locations in a bid to make your escape.

At all times you are stalked by snuffling shadowy creatures armed with torches and it's a truly terrifying sight to see their bright lights filter through the trees as they creep towards your position.

Hide's lo-fi visuals and eerie sound effects make it deliciously atmospheric and it's incredibly immersive as you crunch through the snow. It's free to download from HERE and you should definitely give this short nocturnal nightmare a try.

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