Monday, 15 August 2011

LaserCat - 360 (XBLIG)

At the edge of the solar system, LaserCat and his best friend Owl live on a small planet. There, they grow space onions and astro carrots which they turn into soup.

However, when LaserCat discovers a magical space frog has kidnapped Owl and is holding him hostage in his enormous space castle, out feline chum speeds off to rescue his flying friend.

LaserCat's influences are from the golden era of home computing, when the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 ruled the roost. Nods towards Software Project's Jet Set Willy and Hewson Consultants' Technician Ted are clear, but LaserCat has a twist in its retro-themed tail.

To free Owl, LaserCat must hoover up 30 keys which lie scattered around the castle. When one is collected, he is whisked away to the Riddle Realm where the player is given a general knowledge question. Get the answer right, and the key is yours to keep. Answer incorrectly and it's curtains.

The castle is home to a variety of tricks and traps, but thankfully the control set-up is simple and responsive. To help negotiate the castle, gusty thermals can be used, while save points act as teleporters to minimise needless backtracking.

It's a brilliant little title and as it's another quality game priced at only 80 Microsoft points, LaserCat should be the first thing you buy next time you switch on your 360.

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