Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dinkybox - a groovy place to shop

Have the midweek blues started to get you down? Do you wish you weren't sitting at that desk slogging away over nonsensical facts and figures? Are your customers rude and getting on your nerves? And is your boss stomping around the office in a bad mood spreading misery and negative vibes?

Well I'm here to sprinkle a little happiness by introducing you to a colourful and sugary-sweet shopping website.

Dinkybox describes itself as "The best in groovy collectable toys and comic art supplies" and it's not wrong. Contained within the pages of their vibrant website are a range of products which are guaranteed to plaster a huge grin across your miserable mug.

Along with beautifully presented art kits, pads and pens, the site has a wealth of amazing products that will have you reaching for your credit card.

Chocolate iced donut erasers, Star Wars-themed USB drives, Japanese sticker sheets, Studio Ghibli collectable figures, super-deformed DC superheroes and mini Family Guy models are just some off the enticing products available.

But for me, it's the site's colection of videogame goodies which is the main draw, including the gacha Super Nintendo collection - a tiny assortment of SNES hardware.

Dinkybox's range of Mario fridge magnets, Pac-Man sweets, Professor Layton Plushies, Street Fighter figures, game pad keychains, Final Fantasy straps and Pokemon merchandise are all worth checking out, but really, there are dozens more cool items to browse through.

Dinkybox is based in England and the company have a swift next day delivery service. For more information, check out their fab website.

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