Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mos Speedrun: Half price!

Apple's App Store is crammed full of brilliant titles, but few are as much fun as Mos Speedrun.

The retro-flavoured platformer has been out for a while, but for this weekend only, you can pick it up for just 69p.

Developer Physmo have halved the price to celebrate Edinburgh Interactive 2011 and if you haven't bought it already, I would urge you to try this wonderful and charming slice of platform action.

The game has also just had an update to include an excellent video mode, so you can now record your fastest runs through the devious levels.

I took a look at the game back in May and you can check out my review HERE

While you're browsing through the App Store, you might also want to check out Physmo's SeaGlass. It's a Tetris Attack/Puzzle League spin-off, where the aim is to swipe and match coloured blocks to create huge point-scoring chains. It plays beautifully and for just 69p is another must-have title from the App Store.

To find out more about Physmo's games, visit their website

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