Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Owlboy demo takes flight

Norwegian developers D-Pad Studio have released a demo of their upcoming game, Owlboy on PC - and it's a bit of a corker.

Otus - our feathered protagonists - jumps, swoops, hovers and flies through the beautiful retro-styled Owl Temple, while his cohorts Geddy and Alphonse handle shooting duties as Otus carries them through the levels.

It's a delightful world full of rain clouds, gnomes, top hat-wearing fish, sky pirates, waterfalls and soup - lots of soup.

If that wasn't enough, the same team are working on a competitive multiplayer title called Vikings On Trampolines, which, quite simply, warms the cockles of my heart.

You can grab the demo from the official D-Pad Studio website and the full version of Owlboy will be released later this year.

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NokkonWud said...

What an absolutely charming looking game, can't try this as I only have an iPad at the moment, but I am definitely intrigued.